Baekdu Technologies

A Systems Trading Company

Seoul, South Korea 

The Company

Baekdu Technologies is a technology company that focuses specifically on quantitative investment of digital assets. Our asset management services offer diversified risk management through leveraging a multi-layered hedging architecture, preserving our client funds even through the worst of black swans.

Our optimization algorithms are designed to enhance risk-adjusted returns not only through conventional diversification, but also by offsetting exposures to a multitude of risk factors at the portfolio level. Historically, our fund's returns have been steady and non-correlated to the performance of traditional equities and even the digital assets market.

With well-established data processing instruments, we are able to capture and exploit irregularities that are unique to our needs. Because these patterns have persisted over some time rather than being a short fleeting trend, we are confident that our algorithms can continue to deliver over the long term.

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