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A DeFi Applications Company
The Company

Baekdu Technologies is a technology company focused on blockchain technology in the DeFi space. Founded as a DeFi system trading company in 2020, BT has transformed into a DeFi applications company that establishes an ecosystem that can replace the current limitations of traditional finance. As an ex-onchain hedge fund, BT’s trading strategies have entailed deep research into and utilized over 40 protocols including dydx, Opyn, Uniswap v3 and GMX on 8 mainnets including Ethereum, Arbitrum and StarkEx. Our products are the seeds of a new financial era that will grow to become pillars of a new paradigm of decentralized finance. 


Redefining trading beyond the limited flexibilities of TradFi. 

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Unlocking new frontiers of the onchain space.

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Certificate of Registration

Baekdu Technologies Inc. has been certified ISO/IEC27001:2013(Information Security Management System) by ACERTI

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