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A Blockchain/DeFi Technology Company
The Company

Baekdu Technologies is a technology company that focuses on blockchain technology in the DeFi space.

Our absolute return strategies focus specifically on DeFi on-chain opportunities. In-house optimization algorithms apply diversified risk management through leveraging a multi-layered hedging architecture, preserving value even through the worst of black swans. Historically, the opportunities we capture have been steady and non-correlated to the performance of the traditional market.

We strategically plan, develop and operate DAPP's with the goal of constructing an ecosystem that can replace the current limitations of traditional finance. Our products are the seeds of a new financial era that will grow to become pillars of a new paradigm of decentralized finance. 


An explicit focus on low risk profile absolute return on-chain opportunities in DeFi.

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A DeFi ecosystem builder poised to decentralize traditional finance.

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